The websites and stores that we create are fully editable, easy to manage and fast. Thanks to this, they support your business. We create high-quality, secure code and provide support both during and after the project is completed. Take advantage of our international experience and knowledge of WordPress / WooCommerce.

Who do we work for?

  • Marketing agency

    You don't need your own development team. We will code a high-quality project for you, operating in the white label model.

  • Creative agency

    We are a programming support for your company and your clients. Focus on the implementation of the strategy, and leave the coding to us.

  • Start-up

    We code start-up websites and advise which solutions will work in your case.

  • Software house

    We act as support for software houses by implementing advanced programming tasks.

Why choose us?

Check our clients' opinions and find out why 93% of our clients recommend our services:

Not only the quality of the website is fantastic but also the quality of the customer service

Not only the quality of the website is fantastic but also the quality of the customer service and the responsiveness, the know-how - really unsurpassed. We have been serviced in a way that we have not been serviced by any other agency, small or large.

In most companies, what we would experience is that there would be a person who would sign us up, we would get a lot of attention, at quite high intensity and involvement, but that would diminish as the project goes along. With Brave New, it is still power on, it’s fantastic - ongoing engagement and involvement.

Dr Renata Bernard

Creative Director of Opal Minded,
Sydney, Australia

What we can
do for you?

See what things we can do for you

  • PSD / FIGMA to WordPress

    Do you have a graphic design and are looking for a programmer? We are at your service. We will code your project with pixel-perfect accuracy and take care of its high optimisation: the website will be built taking into account good SEO practices and will load quickly. Thanks to this, customers will be happy to use your services.

  • PSD / Figma / XD to WooCommerce

    We will code an online store based on your project and equip it with all the necessary functionalities and external integrations. The store will load quickly on all devices, including smartphones, which will significantly increase the number of purchases in your store.

  • Webdesign + Wordpress Development

    We can not only code but also design a website or an online store. Our team of UX / UI designers and web designers will prepare a personalised design tailored to the requirements of your market and your clients. Then, we will code and implement the project, so you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Web Optimisation

    Are you dealing with a shop or website that is not working as it should? Let us audit and optimise it. We will analyse how your project was created, we will prepare recommendations and we will take care of the necessary corrections and changes required by you - both in terms of code, content and graphics.

What we can do... exactly?

  • Website with Calendar

  • Store

  • Personalized Dashboard

  • API integrations

  • Fuly administrative website

  • and many many more

Technologies we know best

Tools we use

How much does it cost?

Prefer to work with us in hours? Check out our packages from just £38 per hour


How do we deliver?

  • 9.3

    9 out of 10 clients recommend our services to their partners and friends

  • 11

    years of specialization in WordPress / WooCommerce technology

  • 150

    projects per year

  • 10

    collaborations with clients from 10 different countries

Why WordPress / WooCommerce?

WordPress is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a flexible system and want to be free from a single contractor.

WordPress is the most popular CMS, meaning a content management system which serves as a back-end for working with a website. Thanks to its flexibility, wide expansion possibilities and easy service, customers eagerly choose WordPress when ordering websites. Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, WordPress is also a reliable online store with an extensive report and statistics module.

  • That is why we specialise in coding websites using CMS WordPress.

  • Are you afraid if WordPress is safe? We only use the necessary plugins and care about the code’s quality in our work. Thanks to this, our projects are safe and protected against hacker attacks.

  • If you are serious about advertising activities, it will also be important to you that Google likes WordPress. WordPress is SEO-Friendly and in this respect, it beats other custom-made systems.

  • WordPress is the best choice for you and your clients.

  • Easy project development

  • Reliable performance

  • Extensive technical support

  • Self-management

Case studies

Check Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work in the white label model?

Yes, we work as subcontractors. If this is your wish, our work will not be signed by us and we will provide you with the full code.


Can you contact the client on our behalf?

Yes, we can take over direct communication with your client. All you have to do is set up a mailbox for us in your domain.


How much does website coding cost?

Above you will find information on sample encoding costs. Each project is different and before we receive detailed guidelines and graphic designs, we can only set an initial budget: For a landing page, it starts at £ 500, for pages with 5 subpages from £ 1,000, and online stores from £ 1,500. Contact us for an exact quote


Do you work in other technologies?

Yes. We can code the website to HTML / CSS, we know Presta Shop, Laravel, PHP and other coding languages.


Can I entrust you with permanent website maintenance?

Yes, here you can find information on our work packages by the hour.


How long does it take to code a page?

It all depends on how extensive the project is. For standard works, 3 to 5 weeks should be assumed.


How long does it take to code an online store?

It all depends on how extensive the store is. For stores equipped with basic functionalities, 4 to 7 weeks should be assumed.


Are your projects under warranty?

Yes, all our projects are covered by a 12-month warranty.


Do you work in English?

Yes of course.


Andrzej Kozdęba

Co Founder

Looking for reliable and confidential partner for your website projects?