API Integration

WordPress allows integration with external applications that support your sales and marketing activities. With these integrations, you can automate the processes that are important to you and manage your company efficiently.

This means that you no longer need to log in to many different programs and applications or remember multiple passwords. You will find everything in one place and save a lot of time.

Applications such as CRM, ERP or marketing automation offer a so-called API which allows you to connect them to a website or online store and transfer data between services in real time. As a result, the user who fills out the form on your website will immediately enter your database, stocks are updated continuously and replies to job advertisements are sent to the recruiter’s account.

Our team consists of specialists who have experience in integrating WordPress with CRM platforms (e.g.HubSpot), recruiting platforms (such as Traffit, HRappka, eRecruiter), ERP systems and marketing automation tools. We make your work easier and ensure that the data you need is collected at the place you choose.

API integrations in Wordpress - why should you integrate your website via the API?

  • Necessary data in one place

    You don’t need to log in to multiple platforms – you can find everything in the app you specify.

  • Automating your work

    You don’t have to manually move data between programs and do any painstaking work. All data is transmitted automatically.

  • Up-to-date data

    The data is transmitted via the API in real time, allowing you to access up-to-date information.

  • Faultless integration performance

    Data between applications is transferred 1:1. They are not prone to errors and you can be sure that the system contains what the customer has entered.

Which integrations can we implement?

As part of our projects, we have created API integrations between Wordpress and marketing, sales, recruiting and many other platforms. Check out what we’re great at and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Integration of the WordPress API and the recruitment platform

    When recruiting, it is important to you to find the best candidate in the shortest possible time. You post ads on different websites, including your website. They want all submissions to go to one place. To do this, use the app. The most popular are, among others, Traffit and eRecruiter.

    Recruiting platforms offer an API thanks to which:

    - You can automatically see ads on your website that you add in the app – add an ad in the app and in a few seconds it will be visible on your website
    - The ads you see on your website are tailored to the look, which helps you create a better image for your business
    - You can manage the visibility and changes in the ad – if you remove the ad from the app, it will also disappear from your website; when you enter new information – e.g. change the proposed salary – the change will also be displayed on your website.
    - Resumes sent from your website are sent directly to your application – you don’t have to move them manually or search your inbox. All CVs are automatically sent from your website via API to your application.

    The integration of the Wordpress API and the recruiting platform is ideal for small and medium-sized recruitment agencies, as well as for companies that recruit frequently or continuously.

  • API integration of WordPress and CRM

    Maintaining relationships with customers and potential customers is one of the main tasks of sellers. To monitor the sales process, keep track of important calls and renew contact, use CRM tools such as HubSpot or User.com.

    When a potential customer sends an email using a form on your website, that email is usually sent to your company’s general inbox. You have to forward it to the right person and then add it to the CRM database, select a source, check contact information...

    This process can be improved by integrating the WordPress API and the CRM platform. Users using the form are automatically added to the database and assigned to a contact person. They don’t worry about mistakes or the fact that a potential customer has been overlooked.

    The API integration between CRM and Wordpress makes sales management easier.

  • WordPress API integration and online store

    If you have a WordPress site where your customers can create user accounts, and your shop uses a separate system: Shopify, Essy, Shoplo or just another domain, you don’t want to force your users to create two separate accounts. It’s just annoying.

    Thanks to the integration of the WordPress API and the web shop, customer accounts can be automatically created on the platform you specify. You register once, have a password and save a lot of time.

  • Integrations of WooCommerce API and sales support tools

    You want to increase sales in your business. That’s why you use tools that help you better understand the behavior of your users. Such platforms make it possible to show customers the products they are most interested in, help save discarded shopping baskets and build long-term relationships.

    Therefore, the integrations of the WooCommerce API and the sales management platforms are very popular. If you run an online store and also use tools such as Satisfy, Edrone or Klavyo, you can use them even better thanks to automatic integrations.

  • Integration of the WordPress API and the newsletter mailing app

    The mailing list is one of the best and most effective forms of contact. Well-managed email communication boosts sales and helps build strong relationships.

    Newsletter applications such as MailerLite, MailChimp, GetResponse have widgets and plugins that you can install on your website. Unfortunately, in this case, you often have limited ability to edit the sign-up form (adding a consent to the privacy statement can be a pain), which results in users being discouraged from signing up. In addition, plugins and widgets generate redundant code that burdens your page and thus loads it forever.

    Therefore, it is ideal to integrate a newsletter form via an API. In this case, the form can look the way you want it and be an integral part of the site. This will affect the number of subscriptions and create new sales opportunities.

  • WordPress API integration and marketing automation

    Marketing automation platforms allow you to reach your customers in a variety of ways by combining many of the features described above in one place: managing customer databases, newsletters, and job advertisements. They also offer other tools: sending SMS, creating sales funnels and even managing your business.

    As a result, WordPress API integrations and marketing automation platforms can take many different forms. It is up to you which marketing and customer service activities should be automated on your website.

    If you use tools such as HubSpot, SalesForce, ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign or SalesManago, please contact us and let us know which platform features you want to integrate.

So far, we have made over 50 integrations, both for the most popular and less known websites.

How do we deliver?

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    9 out of 10 clients recommend our services to their partners and friends

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    years of specialization in WordPress / WooCommerce technology

  • 150

    projects per year

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    collaborations with clients from 10 different countries

Why integrate WordPress via the API?

WordPress is a platform that offers great API integration possibilities with other tools and platforms. That’s why it’s such a popular Content Management System.

The website should be part of your marketing and sales strategy. It primarily serves to attract new customers and to present your offer. However, it is not a tool that allows you to manage your customers. The platforms described above serve this purpose.

    API integrations contribute indirectly to your company’s successful marketing of services and products. You save time and avoid errors that can happen when manually copying data from one place to another. API integrations solve this problem – the necessary information is collected in the right place and works for your business.

    Check Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you work in the white label model?

    Yes, we work as subcontractors. If this is your wish, our work will not be signed by us and we will provide you with the full code


    Can you contact the client on our behalf?

    Yes, we can take over direct communication with your client. All you have to do is set up a mailbox for us in your domain.


    I'm not sure if we can do the integration that I want to implement. Are you able to check it?

    So far, we have done a lot of integrations with tools that are not popular and have always been successful. Please, contact us, describe the details and we will get back to you with the information.


    How long will it take to prepare the API integration?

    It all depends on the type of integration. Usually, this kinds of works take around 2 to 5 weeks.


    Are your projects under warranty?

    Yes, all our projects are covered by a 12-month warranty.


    Do you work in English?

    Yes of course.


    Andrew Kozdeba

    Co Funder

    Thanks to WordPress API Integration, you will fully use the power of your website: you will effectively reach new customers and start selling more.

    Write me if you need a proven partner who will help you integrate your website with any tool via API.