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For the Dutch company Cotembo, we created a system that enables legal and financial audits. The aim of the collaboration was to create an intuitive platform that allows checking the legality of companies from all over the world. The collaboration covered the entire planning process, from the creation of the system’s operational specification to implementation and maintenance.

Coding – how did we use the SCRUM methodology?

Cotembo is a revolutionary platform that enables setting up financial and due diligence audits of small and medium-sized enterprises. Until now, these instruments have been dedicated to banks and large financial institutions. Thanks to Cotembo, law firms, accounting firms and other companies now have access to automated audits.
We knew the coding phase would be challenging. That’s why we prepared a schedule for the project before the start of the work and divided it into two-week sprints – that is, we used the work in the SCRUM model.
The work was carried out under the supervision of the Project Manager and the development team was in constant contact with the UX designer, allowing the entire team to communicate quickly.
To further improve communication, Dave, the inventor of Cotembo, has been added to our tools: Slack to keep up with us, and Click Up to submit changes.
After each sprint, we consulted Dave on the workload and made changes to the schedule if necessary. Working in the sprint gave us flexibility: when Dave requested changes at the end of a sprint, we updated the action plan.
Our client deserves recognition – rarely do we have the pleasure of working with such committed and responsive people. Thank you very much. Two parties always work for the success of a project, and that is also the case with this project. Despite its size, Cotembo was produced without much delay.
It was definitely one of the most interesting projects we have created. We believe that Cotembo will change the way we work with audits.

    Successively we worked on product specifications, technical specifications and development

    Brave New has completed and delivered the product on time. They've communicated through Slack, Parallel, WhatsApp, and email, and the client raises issues via ClickUp. The team has been creative and informative, and they've explained complicated terms to the client in an understandable way.

    Dave Ingeveld

    CEO, Cotembo B.V.

    Commitment at every stage of the project

    The collaboration with Cotembo was special for us for many reasons. Especially in the development of the platform, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Dave at every stage of the project. The development of the system took several months and, most importantly, was completed on time, influenced not only by good planning of the process on our side, but also by trust and commitment on the client’s side. They helped us to receive all comments and proposals for amendments as well as the necessary content in good time.

    Our work began with defining the business objectives and preparing the project specifications. During the meetings and workshops with Dave, we divided the platform into smaller sections, compiled a list of necessary features, and described each section in detail. As part of the work, we produced a document of more than ten pages, which formed the basis for further work on the project.

    The specifications were supplemented by initial low-fi mockups, representing user paths in sensitive areas of the system, in particular with regard to examination forms.

    Knowing not only Dave’s expectations, but also the needs of the target customers, we started the next phase of work – based on the design specification, we wrote a technical specification and added important technical aspects to the business document. At this stage, we decided on a technology stack and decided to build a backend based on Laravel and the front end of the app based on React. It is important that there were already changes to the project at that time, which we took into account.

    From the very beginning it was clear to us that the project would live and change in the course of the work: new requirements and necessary adjustments would come. In the interest of the system, we have continuously revised and supplemented the specification.

    The next step was the preparation of the UX/UI model. In order to meet the customer’s expectations and to look for savings in the project, we used a ready-made library for the production of the models, which also saved us some time.

    The design stage of the project took about 2 months and resulted in 128 models being created. Not only views, but also all relevant elements (different form states, active and inactive notifications, etc.) were developed on the models.

    What was important to us?

    • Automation

      The system enables an efficient and automatic creation of audits. With status, notifications and tips, work with Cotembo happens automatically – the user focuses on their job

    • Security

      Users log in to the platform using the 2 factor authentication method. Application code has been analysed in terms of security

    • Flexibility

      Super Admin has the ability to create special forms. Form account holders, on the other hand, have many ways to personalise their account: from changing the risk to granting additional permissions to specific users

    • Modern layout

      When developing Cotembo, it was important to us that the platform offers a minimalist, modern design. This does not distract the design and allows you to focus on your work

    Powerful features, customisation and more than 120 views

    Cotembo - How does an anti-money laundry online platform work?

    The platform we have written is not only intended to automate the process of creating audits. Our goal was also to develop an app that would make management easier for Dave, the initiator of the project. What features does Cotembo have?

    - The system consists of an advanced form wizard. Super Administrator can create new forms and assign them to specific industries. Upon request, he can also change an existing form and provide the customer with an updated version.

    - Users of the platform can check companies using an automated form. The form consists of dozens of questions. Responses are measured in terms of risk using weights. The algorithm then recalculates all responses and informs the user about possible cooperation risks.

    - The system offers the possibility to track the progress of the processing of each case. Individual audits are retained for a specified period of time and any changes, access requests or other actions are documented. The account holder always knows what actions the employees have taken.

    - Administrators have extensive options to personalise the system, including the ability to overwrite preset risks. This feature is useful if an aspect of business activity is more or less important to them for some reason.

    - The platform is designed to support users and facilitate their decision-making. If they are at high risk, users will receive tips on the next steps you should take.

    - Within the platform, you can create corporate and user accounts. Within a company, users can collaborate and share parts of forms when they need the support of another team member.

    - Users are supported by a system of notifications and status. Each audit may have a different status depending on the shares performed on it. Users can sort and filter audits not only by date, but also by status.
    Notifications inform the user and administrator about the actions that are important to them.

    Scope of work

    • Business consulting
    • Creative product description
    • Project specification
    • Technical Specifications
    • UX/UI design
    • Application development (React, Laravel)
    • API integrations
    • Project implementation
    • Maintenance of the application

    Project team

    • Andrzej Kozdęba

      Project Manager

    • Michał Maj

      UX / UI Designer

    • Konrad Broda

      Full Stack Developer

    • Michał Czopek

      Full Stack Developer

    • Piotr Adamczyk

      Full Stack Developer


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