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As with any tech company, you focus on the rapid development of your brand. You need a website that interests new users and potential customers. A website that shows the functions and benefits of your product in a clear and attractive way. A website that allows users to contact you quickly.

We have worked with over 30 tech companies and startups. We share our knowledge and experience to provide you with an effective website that you use to attract new customers and develop your brand.

Website for a tech company and startup - what can you count on?

  • You change the content on the website by yourself

    We know that time is important to you. Therefore, the website is coded in a way that allows you to quickly change the content, image or add a team member. You do all the modifications yourself. You don't need to know HTML, CSS or PHP.

  • You test new solutions quickly and easily

    The website is made of blocks that you can change. Therefore, you can easily test whether the form works better at the top of the page or better at the end of the page.

  • You have access to data thanks to API integrations

    The website is one of the tools you use. In addition, you automate marketing, collect customer data in CRM or use the newsletter. We help you integrate all the necessary tools so you know the users even better.

  • You can listen to your customers

    From the same beginning, we consider how to create a website to enable customers to quickly contact your company. We will provide your project with forms, active phone numbers, chats and other elements important for guests.

Why choose us?

Check our clients' opinions and find out why 93% of our clients recommend our services:

Not only the quality of the website is fantastic but also the quality of the customer service

Not only the quality of the website is fantastic but also the quality of the customer service and the responsiveness, the know-how - really unsurpassed. We have been serviced in a way that we have not been serviced by any other agency, small or large.

In most companies, what we would experience is that there would be a person who would sign us up, we would get a lot of attention, at quite high intensity and involvement, but that would diminish as the project goes along. With Brave New, it is still power on, it’s fantastic - ongoing engagement and involvement.

Dr Renata Bernard

Creative Director of Opal Minded,
Sydney, Australia

What we can
do to distinguish your tech company website?

We help tech companies and startups grow on the Internet. Use our experience: reach new customers and build a strong, recognizable brand thanks to an attractive and functional website:

  • Clear and legible presentation of the product/service functionality

    Users should find it easy to get information and understand how your product performs. Therefore, we encourage you to present the key elements in a clear and transparent way: 1) describe them in the language of the recipient, 2) show it in the form of photos, and if possible - short gifs or videos.

  • Strong and appealing call to action

    Putting a call to action in the right place will help you increase the number of customers and attract them to your service. Therefore, it is important to use this tool wisely. Call to Action should first of all be visible, understandable and short. We will plan where and how to show them to the user.

  • Possibility to create Landing Pages as part of the website

    When building your brand and products, you use various tools: organize webinars and events or present selected functionalities in a personalized way. Landing Pages are often used to promote such activities. As part of the cooperation, we create Landing Page Creator that allows you to independently build landing pages from ready-made blocks and gain new users.

  • Social proof - reviews of satisfied customers

    Statements of satisfied users, customer logos, reviews of your company on Google, Facebook or Trustpilot - you have many opportunities to show users that customers are satisfied with your services. It is worth considering which of them will be effective for your portal and how to use them to make them effective.

  • Simplicity of contact

    When developing your product, you want to listen to your users. They should know that they can contact you and find answers quickly. The Contact tab may not be sufficient for them. On the other hand, chat won't work in every business. A well-thought-out placement of contact elements on the page will make it better - we help you with that!

What we can do... exactly?

  • Website with Calendar

  • Store

  • Personalized Dashboard

  • API integrations

  • Fuly administrative website

  • and many many more

Technologies we know best

Tools we use

How much does it cost?

Landing Page / Simple Wordpress

from £950

What do you get?

  • A coded project that is fully editable – change content and photos yourself
  • High optimisation – page loads quickly and will be search engine friendly
  • Adaptation to mobile devices

Prefer to work with us in hours? Check out our packages from just £38 per hour


How do we deliver?

  • 9.3

    9 out of 10 clients recommend our services to their partners and friends

  • 11

    years of specialization in WordPress / WooCommerce technology

  • 150

    projects per year

  • 10

    collaborations with clients from 10 different countries

How to build an effective website for a tech company?

Websites for tech companies should be understandable to users and clearly present how your service or product works.

When designing a new website for a tech company, you need to think about who your recipients are and how they behave, as well as what goals the new website should pursue.

Therefore, the process of designing a new website for a tech company should start with an analysis of your current website. You can do this by checking Google Analytics data and installing for example Clarity app which helps track user behavior on your platform.

The products and services of tech companies should be presented in a clear way: not only with text but also with photos, videos and tutorials - especially the last ones are helpful if we want your guests to understand how our service works.

Both in the case of content and videos, the language you use is important - if your service is addressed to a narrow, specialized group, you can use technical vocabulary. But if your potential customers are amateurs, then easy, understandable language will work better.

In the case of websites for tech companies, the content architecture should be well-planned - users must have easy access to the service description, guides and contact forms. A poorly planned website will discourage visitors, make it difficult to find data and cause you to lose many customers.

Building a website for a tech company seems like a time-consuming task. Take advantage of the support of our experts who have cooperated with over 30 technology companies for which we have created websites and landing pages in the last 3 years.

  • Easy project development

  • Reliable performance

  • Extensive technical support

  • Self-management

Check Frequently Asked Questions


Which CMS is best for a tech company?

Our company specializes in creating websites for tech companies with the use of WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Even tech companies that employ hundreds of programmers and offer advanced development services very often have websites built with WordPress. And there's nothing strange about this! WordPress is very accessible - you will easily understand how to manage your website and you can make changes to the content yourself, as well as add new subpages.
Of course, your website can use a different CMS and it can also work properly. However, you need to keep in mind that the less popular the CMS, the more difficult it will be to find a specialist who will help you improve your website.


I already have a website, but I would like to improve its performance. Can you help me?

Yes. Contact us and describe what you need. We will be happy to help you improve your website as part of a one-time package of development hours or retainer cooperation. In the second case, we won't only perform the tasks ordered by you, but also prepare an audit of your website and suggest what to do to make it work even better.


Do you use ready-made themes and builders (e.g. Divi, Elementor)?

NO! These themes are usually horribly slow, poorly optimized, and have lots of annoying bugs. You can buy such a theme yourself and customize it to your needs. If you want to make a website cheaply and by yourself, this will be a good solution. But keep in mind that by installing such a theme, you are installing a lot of unnecessary plugins that you usually cannot update without extra payment.

We design and code all websites for tech comapnies from scratch. We build projects using the Gutenberg editor (the standard WordPress editor) and the proven, lightweight ACF Pro plugin. Thanks to them, we can ensure very high optimization and be sure that the website works properly on every device.


My website is not built with WordPress. Do you work in other technologies?

Yes. We can code the website to HTML / CSS, we know PrestaShop, Laravel, React, and other coding languages. Contact us and let us know what you need.


How long does it take to code a website for tech comapny?

It all depends on how extensive the project is. In order to speed up the work on the project, we carefully plan it and implement it according to the schedule. At least two developers are working on the project. Thanks to that, for standard websites (around 10 subpages), 3 to 6 weeks should be assumed.


Are your projects for tech companies and statups under warranty?

Yes, all our projects are covered by a 12-month warranty. In addition, after placing the project on your server, we perform free updates and backups of your website for 3 months.


Andrew (Andrzej) Kozdęba

Co Founder

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