Hourly web development services and website maintenance

An up-to-date and secure website is the basis of your online visibility. We will help you ensure the stability of the project, we will introduce corrections and support you in the ongoing service. Take advantage of our job offer by the hour.

Dr Renata Bernard

Creative Director of Opal Minded,
Sydney, Australia

Why choose us?

Check our clients' opinions and find out why 93% of our clients recommend our services:

Not only the quality of the website is fantastic but also the quality of the customer service

In most companies, what we would experience is that there would be a person who would sign us up, we would get a lot of attention, at quite high intensity and involvement, but that would diminish as the project goes along. With Brave New, it is still power on, it’s fantastic - ongoing engagement and involvement.

How can you use it?

  • Programming works

    Works on your projects, carried out by experienced web developers.

  • How can you use it?

  • Graphic works

    Your subscription hours can also be used for graphic works.

  • Website security and protection against viruses

    We will provide you with constant care, regular updates and backups.

  • Adding new content to the website

    If you do not want to waste your time adding content, we can take care of it.

  • Marketing and UX/UI consultations

    We can also advise you on how to develop your website

  • Other work you need

    Anything you want to do on your website. Just report it to us and we will take care of it.

Price packages

  • 30 hours

    £1560 / €1761

    • Validity of the package

      1 month

    • Helpdesk:

      By e-mail and telephone

    • Start of work

      The date is set individually

    • Report

      After 20h and at the end of the package

  • 50 hours

    £2450 / €2818

    • Validity of the package

      2 months

    • Helpdesk

      By e-mail, telephone, Slack

    • Start of work

      Up to 72 hours from accepting the request

    • Report

      set individually

  • 100 hours

    £4700 / €5280

    • Validity of the package

      6 months

    • Helpdesk

      By e-mail, telephone, Slack

    • Start of work

      Up to 24 hours from accepting the request

    • Report

      set individually

An hour of work outside the packages costs £55

Do you need an individual plan or you do not know which package to choose?

Contact us. We will suggest which package is best for you or prepare an individual offer.

Contact Us

How does it work?

  • 1

    You order a package

    You choose a package, sign a contract and set the terms of cooperation.

  • 2

    You entrust us with tasks

    Throughout the duration of cooperation, you submit tasks to us, and we perform them efficiently.

  • 3

    You receive reports

    Both during and at the end of the work you are informed about how we use our time of works and how many hours are left.

6 reasons why you should work with us

  • No hidden costs

    You know exactly how much you will pay before the start of the project. Everything is clear and legible.

  • Page Speed Optimisation

    We deliver optimized and fast projects - thanks to that users love to eng

  • You don't need developers team

    You won’t have to worry about recruiting and motivation of your team - we will take care of the development of your project.

  • European time zone

    We are available during standard European office hours (GMT+1/+2). Are you from other continent? Don't worry, we can adjust.

  • Easy communication

    We speak English and we use popular project management and communication tools so it is really easy to be in touch wiith us.

  • 12 months guarantee

    You are safe and sound with us! You get 2 years of warranty for the website we create for you.

Check Frequently Asked Questions


Can we arrange regular backups and updates?

Of course. Before purchasing the package, we determine together how often this type of work is to be performed and you can be sure that our programmers will deal with it.


What time do you provide technical support?

As a standard, we work from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CET, but if you need support in other hours and on weekends, we are also able to provide it. We will arrange these issues with you individually, before starting cooperation.


Will I be able to buy another package after using the hours?

Of course. We will inform you in advance about the upcoming end of the package and you can decide for yourself whether you want to extend it.


I have a virus on the site. Can you do it as part of the hours package?

Yes, we also do this type of work.


As part of the hours package, can I commission you to code a completely new website?

Of course, we also offer work by the hour on new projects. Send us the details and we will prepare a time estimation for you.


Do you work in the white label model?

Yes, we work as subcontractors. If this is your wish, our work will not be signed by us and we will provide you with the full code.


Can you contact the client on our behalf?

Yes, we can take over direct communication with your client. All you have to do is set up a mailbox for us in your domain.


Do you work in English?

Yes, of course.

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