How we created an online service which is a literary base of works and writers from Central European countries

Śledź nas w mediach społecznościowych

Rozstaje is a website devoted to fiction from Central and Eastern Europe. Numerous works and their translations provide an opportunity to meet new authors, works and different literary traditions. It is an amazing initiative that combines the work of creators, translators and cultural animators in one place.

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The Client about the project portal is a place in the web of crossroads that are a universal and ambiguous literary image. This space was created with the help of Brave New.

The designers prepared a graphic design presenting the service’s capabilities in full, and the web developers coded functionalities that enable carrying out a broad comparative analysis of works in many different Central European languages. The portal was presented at seminars in the country as well as abroad and has gained much respect.

Working with Brave New on this project has guaranteed us achieving an effect that was our goal. Reliability, punctuality, professionalism, and great contact with the client - these are the defining features of Brave New. We can recommend their services with complete confidence.

Maciej PIotrowski

Project Manager of

Main objectives of the project:

When designing the Rozstaje page, we asked ourselves a question: how to connect the authors, their works, translators and the translations they prepared, so that the website is intuitive and its parts properly linked? In addition, we wanted every user to be able to quickly access interesting content and compare the original text with the translations in the same place.

It was also important to adapt all functionalities to a simple graphic design. The website was to present all authors, translators, countries of publication as well as topics and categories of entries in an attractive way.

What was important for us?

  • Design and usability

    The aim of the project was to create a clean, sometimes even ascetic project that would allow to quickly locate the necessary information. The main page contains information about the portal, a map that is used to search for literary works based on their countries of origin, and a tag search engine.

  • The human face of the project

    In order to emphasize that Rozstaje are created by people, on the homepage we have also placed photos and direct links to authors and translators associated with the portal, as well as the latest published works.

  • Comparison of works

    The subpage of the work was designed as two columns. In the first one there is an original work. The second column shows the translations. The user can choose the language of the translation if there are more translations available for the work.

  • Colouring and typography

    The colour scheme and typography on the website was selected at the beginning of the project in cooperation with the client. The burgundy colour was used as a distinctive and complementary colour. The font in the headlines, Playfair Display, introduced elegance, and the font used in the paragraphs, Open Sans, improved readability.

The aim of the project was to create a clean, sometimes even ascetic project that would allow to quickly locate the necessary information

What was the work on the project like?

After establishing the concept of the website, we started the design work. The first stage was to create a graphic design. We put a lot of emphasis on designing a subpage of the work, which had to include displaying the text before and after translation. At this stage we have also chosen the leading colour of the project and the appropriate fonts. The second stage was to encode all functionalities. We designed an intuitive panel for translations and a logical structure of links between authors and works, as well as translators and translations. Thanks to this, the user can see on the author’s page the available works associated with the author.

By selecting a work, the user can see the available translations and then go to a subpage with information about the translator. The site is also equipped with extensive search options. The user can use a traditional search engine and find works using popular tags. Additionally, a map and a list of countries was prepared on the website. When you hover over a country, you will receive information about the number of added works. When adding content, the portal was supplemented not only with literary texts, but also with categories and tags. At the end of the work, the subpages were enriched with photos of the authors and translators, which we received from the coordinators of the “Rozstaje” project.

Scope of work

  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Creating an extensive search system
  • Technical support after launch of the website

Project team

  • Michał Maj

    Project Manager / UX designer

  • Robert Orliński

    Wordpress Developer

  • Katarzyna Maj

    Migration of content


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