How we have provided a new and functional events website, equipped with an intuitive calendar.

Śledź nas w mediach społecznościowych

Misteria Paschalia is one of the most important early music festivals in Europe, organised since 2004 by the KBF during Holy Week. That’s why our main goal was to create easy and useful features for visitors to access and use, as well as an attractive design that allows you to watch events online or buy tickets to watch live on different dates.

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What was important to us?

  • One website for people with disabilities and two language versions. All website content is available in two language versions. It also includes easy options to change text size, contrast, and an audio assistant for people with disabilities.
  • We can appreciate the design elements such as the combination of colours and contrast, combined with photos in red tones that reflect the event’s atmosphere.
  • Upcoming events. One of the most interesting features is the schedule. In addition, the different departments – location, artists, and events – have been logically linked to each other so that the user can quickly find the information they need and choose between buying a ticket for the event or watching it online. As a result, guests navigate the site intuitively, moving from one section to another easily.
  • The administrator can assign festival guests to two categories: artists or residents and assign them to any number of locations and events.
  • The site is very well optimised and fast, because the website was made in accordance with the requirements of WCAG 2.1, as well prepared on the basis of WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields that includes search engine based on keywords.
  • Newsletter integration. So you can subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date.
  • The convenience of using the service and logical arrangement of content on the site.
  • 26

    graphic designs of subpages

  • 25

    pages with information about festival guests

  • 5

    main residents which administrator has the option of adding more people with the designation of the festival edition

What was the challenge we faced?

The old version of Misteria Paschalia was very difficult to use, the UX they used did not give a good experience on the website because it had too many animations and users could not find important information easily. Therefore, this project was not easy to create as the deadline was quite short, also the project started shortly before the festival and the website was quite extensive. In addition to the adaptation of the website to the WCAG 2.1 act.

The design of the website was of great importance, so each of the main subpages has been designed individually - we took care of every detail!

What was the work on the project like?

At the beginning of the project, we received a detailed brief with all expectations regarding the website. KBF shared the conception with us, we got a list of pages and functionalities. The most important issue was intuitive, simple design and adjusting the website to disabled people. At this base, we prepared specifications of the project and all 26 designs of subpages.

While creating views of all subpages we were inspired by another KBF website: Operarara. We used the symbols and examples used in visual identification and previously prepared promotional materials but we didn't forget about the functionalities available on the back-end for the administrator to make website management as simple as possible. At the coding stage, we focused on building a smooth schedule with all events, adjusting the website for disabled people, and also preparing it for foreign users in the English language.

The last part of the project was to complete all the content on the site and test all functionalities. We added information about current events, artists, and event residents. We prepared a server for the premiere of the festival.

Scope of work

  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Creating an extensive schedule of online events
  • Adaptation of the website to WCAG standards
  • Migration of content
  • Technical support after the launch of the website

Project team

  • Katarzyna Maj

    Project Manager

  • Emil Kurzaj

    UX / UI designer

  • Maciej Warych

    Web Developer

  • Krzysztof Krasiński

    Web Developer

  • Magdalena Skarbek

    Content Manager


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