Thanks to the integration of features on the Healthyomnomnom website, we have improved the design and usability and increased sales for YouTuber Irena Owsiak

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Our goal with Healthyomnomnom was to be able to improve the user-friendliness of the website and create a change in the way the website is used.

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The most important facts and figures:

  • In creating the website we needed a simple visual aesthetic with a completely new graphic design, based on a user-friendly UX/UI concept.
  • The online shop is composed of different features such as the possibility to buy a pack of products like recipes where you can see what is included on some pages, upselling, global promotional banners adapted to the desktop and mobile version, and video training content (Webinar).
  • Easy process of buying products with different characteristics. All products have a few options – a dietary calculator with the ability to calculate your caloric demand, different number of days, searching by categories and tags, etc. Users can select the best products for them in an easy way and add them to the cart.
  • Integration with the newsletter during the purchasing process and when users download free materials.
  • Additional functionalities for the administrator – the ability to hide blocks without removing them
  • We use the Gutenberg system, which includes website integration with the external Disqus comment system, a store integration with invoice plugin, and package creation.
  • +20

    products in several variations to choose from

  • +10,000

    Migration of customer orders from the old site

  • 99

    Page speed on the phone

What was the challenge we faced?

The biggest challenge we faced was the time. Why? Our client sells seasonal products and ebooks that have to do with nutrition and cooking, so she recommends food or meals according to the season of the year. For this reason, it was very important to have the webshop ready in about a month. After that and the first customers' feedback - we started to prepare the blog.

What was important to us?

  • A sales-effective website

    Healthyomnomnom has a large community of followers, but with elements such as sales strategies to promote itself or testimonials and opinions of its customers, we gain their trust. Including integration with the Tpay payment system.

  • Attractive design

    The design of the menu is divided into 9 sections where we have the combination of backgrounds with light tones, quality photos, and essential information. The result is an attractive website and a design that allows to sell much more products. We took care of blocks, which allow to present products, discounts, packages, etc.

  • Functionality and lightness

    The most important element of the website is the content available to the user as the site is completely light and functional.
    Because lots of people are visiting websites at the same time - when she is making promo. It was very important to make a website that is stable, light, and fast.

The design of the website was of crucial importance, so each of the main subpages has been designed specifically for this purpose

Scope of work

  • UX / UI
  • Webdesign
  • Web development with the Gutenberg system
  • Integration of quick payments
  • Website and e-store coding to WordPress CMS
  • Technical support after the launch of the website

Project team

  • Katarzyna Maj

    Project Manager

  • Emil Kurzaj

    UX / UI Design

  • Krzysztof Brańka

    Web developer

  • Maciej Warych

    Web developer

  • Magdalena Skarbek

    Content Manager


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