Why is it worth starting white label cooperation with a software house?

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Hiring a remote development team is a good idea to help you focus on the most important aspects of your business, especially if they work in the white label model. Thanks to this article you will be able to understand if it’s worth it and consider the benefits it can bring you as a company, so keep reading!

What is white label?

A white label is a model of cooperation in which an agency, a group of specialists or a specialist work with your client under your brand. Sometimes the white label company communicates directly with the client on your behalf (without revealing the company name), and sometimes you provide the Project Manager who talks to the client.

In both cases, this system can provide a good experience for your customer, which is what matters to you in the process. In short, we can understand White Label as a “rental service” and within it, the service can be adapted to the needs and image of the reseller company.

What services are most often provided in the white-label model?

Do you want to establish the brand of your startup in the digital world? We are sure that the White Label system can be an attractive way for that and we can say that some of the most popular services offered are these four: Marketing services, SEO services, website development, and coding.

In our company we provide you with coding and website building services, we have a very good experience in this and we know how to organise the cooperation so that both parties are satisfied with it!

Why is it worth cooperating in the white label model?

1. You build a strong relationship with your client

Why create this kind of important customer relationship? It all starts with trusting your team of experts. If so, your customers will also trust the end result, even if the customer doesn’t know they are using an external supplier. Over time, you will build customer loyalty and consequently improve the credibility of your brand. That’s a big benefit, isn’t it?

2. You provide a wider range of services, but you focus on developing in-house only the most important ones

Customers like to use suppliers they know and trust, so sometimes they will ask for things that don’t fit in your portfolio, so it is important that you consider offering a more extensive range. And it is a very important benefit because thanks to this you can become an expert who can provide additional services and advice on solutions, which will make you grow as an entrepreneur!

3. Team management is much easier and cheaper with white label

Many companies are initially interested in white labeling because of the positive impact it can have on their budgets, and this is a very beneficial aspect. So you may be wondering why you can benefit in this way because the answer is that if you have a smaller team, you don’t have to find work for the developers and maintain a really cost full team – this means you have less stress and fewer tasks to do, and it will definitely be much more profitable!

4. You reduce costs

As a company, the quality of the service process you offer has to satisfy your client, it is essential that the results are successful, but keep in mind that to offer high-quality services, you need specialists – and specialists are expensive – in the white label model you have access to specialists that you may not be able to hire yourself and you only pay them for the tasks performed, meaning that both you and the client will be happy.

5. Your team is learning as well

Both parties benefit from your cooperation. If the project is managed by a member of your team, he or she gains knowledge in the field of relationship-building and professional knowledge in the field provided by the white label agency, and this is an advantage that will eventually help you as a professional.

Working in this model has many advantages, but if you have never worked in this way, you can have a lot of doubts. Choosing a trusted and proven partner can be difficult: after all, you entrust someone to look after your client, which will affect this relationship and you don’t want to lose a client over someone else’s neglect.

Therefore, you should choose a partner who has good opinions, who you trust, and who you can check. So, if you have any questions that we haven’t answered, please contact us and we will be happy to help!


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