How to use the launch of a new website in the promotion of your company?

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The launch of a new website is an important moment for you and the entire company. After a few weeks or even months of work, your customers and followers will be able to see the effect. This is the perfect moment to remind them about your services. Check out 4 ways how to use the launch of a new website to promote your business.

I know that the process of creating a website is difficult and is associated with uncertainty: you want the new website to appeal to you and your recipients, and you want it to be functional and easy to use. Despite the agency’s assurances that everything will be fine, you still feel stressed, which is normal in such a situation. On the other hand, you feel relieved that the entire process is coming to an end.

The new website is a big change in the life of your company, but also a great magnet. Your recipients will be happy to learn about the changes that have been made, to learn about new content, and spanat the same time remember about your existence. And all this can translate into higher income for your company as well as other image benefits.

Before you publish a new website

Before you publish a new website, test it on the browser version and on mobile devices. Contractors (agencies and freelancers) in the vast majority of cases test the websites they encode, but there is always a chance that something was missed or the content you uploaded contains errors.

The larger and more complex a new website is, the more important it is that you test it before publishing. Don’t leave it for the last day – if you spot any mistakes, the agency will need time to fix them.

4 ways to use your new website to promote your business

Once you are sure everything is buttoned up, you can publish your new website.

But before you do that…

Set a release date

In agreement with the agency that works on your website, set the date of its premiere. It is best to do it in the last phase of work when you get preliminary information about the expected completion of the work.

Be sure to arrange the release date with the agency.

Prepare a schedule

Once the release date is set, prepare a schedule and a list of work that will need to be done in advance. The schedule will depend on how and where you want to announce the new website and may include:

  • Preparation of mailing to customers
  • Preparation of promotional graphics
  • Preparation of the content of promotional posts for social media
  • Preparation of press releases

Once you know what the technicalities look like, we can consider how to use the start of a new website to promote your brand:

Option 1: Build up the tension

The launch of a new website does not have to be considered a moment in history. You can present it as a process and periodically post on social media about the progress of the work.

If you introduce new functionalities – you can present each of them.

If the site is undergoing a complete reconstruction – you can describe the reasons for it.

You can count down the days until the premiere or show small fragments of the new service from time to time.

Use the new website as an excuse to talk about your brand, values ​​and goals.

Method 2: Publish a dedicated post

On the day of the premiere, publish a dedicated post with an image with a preview of your new website or other graphic incentive to click on the link. This way is better than pasting a link with a default image. Why?

First of all, Facebook doesn’t like it if we ask users to leave the site, so your post will get less visibility.

Second, the default image displayed next to the description may be of poor quality or slightly cut off. Additionally, it is formatted in a different way, which is much worse than the actual image.

Third, when designing graphics you have much more freedom of action, and the post will simply be more attractive to the audience.

Method 3: Send an e-mail to your customer base

The publication of a new website is a great excuse to contact your existing customers. Even if you have neglected contact with them in recent months (or maybe even years?). The launch of a new website is a great moment to remind them of your existence.

Method 4: Or maybe an event?

Promotion on Facebook does not have to take the form of a traditional post. You can treat the start of the website as an online event. Posts published on the fanpage are much easier to skip, and by creating an event and inviting your friends and customers to them, you can be sure that everyone will receive at least one notification about the event you have created.

Thanks to such an event, the premiere of the website acquires a more important meaning and allows you to conduct additional communication, which may be connected, for example, with the promotion of your products and services.

What else to remember when publishing a new website?

Prepare yourself for positive feedback, but also for criticism

People take time to get used to the changes. Therefore, you can be sure that, in addition to a lot of positive feedback, the audience will also include malcontents who will evaluate the changes negatively, in line with the “once was good …” principle.

Of course, it’s worth listening to these voices (more on that below), but it’s not worth taking empty complaints to heart.

Listen to your audience

However, you cannot ignore the voices of constructive criticism. The new website gives you space to talk to customers: answer questions about the service and listen to opinions. If a remark repeats, it may be worth considering modifications.

Remember that the website is designed to serve your customers first and foremost. Therefore, even if something you think is well resolved, but users expect a different solution, it is worth following their voice.

The above methods will work best if you set a reasonable date for implementing your new website. If the website is built in a hurry, it is much easier to create mistakes. Therefore, the process of creating a website is worth planning and preparing for it, about which you can read (if you have not done it yet) HERE.


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