How to promote a company blog on social media?

Social media has become our first source of information. Take advantage of this and provide your potential customers with information about your business via social media.

We spend more and more time on social media. You wake up, turn off the alarm clock and check if someone is waiting for a response in Messenger. You brush your teeth – you watch stories on Instagram. You take the tram to work – you browse Facebook. Social media has become our first source of information. Take advantage of this and provide your potential customers with information about your business via social media.

Hi, I’m Anita and you are probably reading this article because I have put a lot of work into promoting the articles written for this blog over the last year. Today, I will tell you how I got to you and tell you what you can do to make the content you post on your amazing company blog reach potential customers of your business.

Many aspiring bloggers feel that all you need to do is write the perfect article, post it on a website, and watch the Google Analytics counter grow. Unfortunately, it is not that beautiful and the work on the article does not end after clicking the [Publish] button. Writing the text is only half of the work, the best is ahead.

How to use Fanpage + Facebook Ads to promote your blog?

A corporate page on Facebook is a must and a great place where you can share content created by your company. Regularly run fanpage will make your brand recognisable in the long term, and you are only a short step away from gaining new satisfied customers.

Share blog articles on your fanpage along with a short incentive and Call To Action, which will help you transfer traffic from Facebook to your website. What should the description look like?

  • write about the article and what the recipient will gain after reading it, 
  • include an interesting paragraph from the article in it,
  • inform that after clicking on the link and going to the website, they will find more interesting information – CALL TO ACTION,
  • use emoji, which will make the recipient focus on your message.

It is true that the reaches on Facebook are constantly decreasing. This is due to the ever-increasing amount of published content, while the amount of information we can absorb remains the same. When promoting an article, use paid advertising. I’m not talking about buying the once popular profile likes, but about Facebook Ads. With a well-defined target group, the cost of the promotion will not be high, and the algorithms will make the post reach people who will be interested in the content you publish.

Use the Traffic or Post Activity advertising goals to promote your article posts. “Traffic” will allow you to provide a lot of cheap clicks on the link, and “Activity” will increase the number of likes on the post, which will positively affect the organic (free) reach and will affect the social proof of the content.

Thanks to this tool, you can also reach people who have read your previous articles or visited any other tab on your website. When promoting a new article published on the Brave New blog, we spend a few zlotys on informing people who have read the previous ones about its appearance and we encourage them to read it.

In order to reach these people again, install the Facebook conversion pixel on your website, which will collect people who already know your brand into a custom group. Pixel will also help you in your sales campaign – when your recipients are ready for it, you will be able to show them (and only them) an advertisement presenting the offer.

Be active on Facebook groups

Groups have taken over the functions of online forums, and discussions are now taking place there on a variety of topics – from local discussions to more industry-specific exchanges. Find and chat with potential audiences of your content. Many of them may be looking for an answer to the question your company blog provides.

To be a good member of a group, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. Each group has its own rules. Read it and follow it.
  2. Be helpful and talk to others.
  3. Personalise the link description. Meet the group members and try to adapt the content of the article described to the specificity of the group.
  4. Do not spam.

Private author profile

We often read the content created by our friends – because we like them and we are curious about what they have to say on topics they are experts in. Share the article you wrote on your private profile. You never know if a friend you met a few years ago is looking for information from your industry and can use your services.

In our case, content sharing on private profiles is very popular. Private profiles have a reach advantage over fanpages – the content we publish here naturally reaches more people, and our friends are happy to support us with a symbolic like.

How to use Instagram for your Business?

Do you run an Instagram profile? Contrary to popular belief, Instagram is no longer a place of cute kittens and dinner photos. Many creators share their business knowledge through this channel. How do I send them to the company blog?

One of the places is your profile description, where you can insert a link. In Instagram jargon, this is BIO – you can easily find it when editing your profile. In your bio you can post a link to your blog, a recent article, or the article you want to promote the most.

When adding a photo, inform the recipient about the content of the written article and direct them to the link in BIO. If you want to increase the chance that the link will be clicked, put information about the link at the very top of the description. Take care of the photo as well – make it nice, and in the description, in addition to the content, include hashtags that will increase its visibility.

There is one more possibility to post a link on Instagram – add links to your profile story. In your story, tell people about the article, encourage them to read it and tell what the content published on the blog is about.

These activities will not take much time, and if done well, you will let more people know about your activities.

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