10 tools that may help you to work remotely

As a Generation Z student, technology has never been a luxury or privilege for me, as I have always had access to it. But, 30 years ago? Who could have imagined that remote work would be so common today? Tasks without technology would be so complicated; thousands of papers in the office, writing documents without being able to eliminate errors instantly, searching for information... Why not take full advantage of our resources?

That is why a company’s team can have no excuses when it comes to working from home. The tools that technology gives us to be able to organise ourselves and even work better than when you work in person, are infinite.

So the Brave New Team would like to share some tools that may be helpful for you:

Google Workspace

What if I told you that you can have everything you need with just Google Workspace? Until recently, we had different tools to communicate and work, such as Zoom, Dropbox, or Slack. But some of Brave New’s employees work remotely, while others work in the office. And the key to success is to communicate in a comfortable and organised way, which is what Google Workspace provides us with.

  • Docs: it allows you to work on the same document with your teammates or with people outside your company. Instantly see the changes others make, communicate with them through the integrated chat, and ask questions through comments.
  • Chat: Thanks to Google Workspace Chat you can chat with a colleague directly or create specific spaces where you can chat in public. You can also share spreadsheets, documents, presentations…
    Its tools will help you to keep track of all your work communications and to choose the most appropriate channel for each conversation in a safe and efficient way.
  • Google Meets: is the perfect tool for holding meetings from the office or from home. Google protects information and guarantees the security of video calls. You can also send messages while you are in the meeting, give access to participants easily thanks to a link, and you can even record meetings.
  • Google Drive: Use shared drives to store your team’s work in secure, easy-to-manage shared spaces. Files added to shared drives belong to the whole team, so team members always have up-to-date information.

Click Up

Some projects may require more time to manage as they involve many tasks. ClickUp helps you to develop them and facilitate the communication difficulties that can happen if you work remotely, as they say, ‘One app to replace them all.’

Best functionalities:

  1. Control panels – Organize and control the structure of your work platform and gain productivity and efficiency!
  2. Goals and objectives – You can plan, view, track and evaluate your quarterly objectives through the tasks you have completed.
  3. Workspace views: dashboard view, panel view, calendar view, list view, Me mode, table view, and timeline view. – Monitor progress and understand team performance, all on the platform!
  4. Activity priorities – You will know which important upcoming tasks you need to perform first.
  5. Notifications Stay on track with sorting and filtering.
  6. Reminders – Never miss a task again and focus on your work!
  7. Time and activity tracking – ClickUp will make it easier for you to focus on your work by tracking the time you spend on your tasks.
  8. ClickUp Notepad – Keep your notes organized at any time and instantly turn any Notepad entry into a trackable task.


Time is money, yes. The person who claims they would work for free is probably lying.

When we work, it is very important to know and control how much time we invest in it and it is a skill that very few people possess. With Clockify, you will know how many minutes you waste and how much you are able to do in a certain period of time.

  • Get an accurate view of your working week: Exact time to see if productivity is improving.
  • See where your team spends time: to see what and how much your team worked on, even if you have just one assistant or manage a large team.
  • Improve the profitability of your projects: Clockify helps you know if your projects are profitable and if you should increase your hourly rate.
  • Show your clients how much work you do: you will gain your client’s trust by showing them the actual hours spent.


The game-changing discovery for us. If it is already difficult to remember your personal passwords, imagine how complicated it is for a company to need a different password for each customer. That’s why a password manager such as Bitwarden can improve security while driving teamwork and collaboration.

  • You can share with teammates. User groups enable easy and secure sharing of logins and vault items across teams requiring access.
  • Provides Cross-platform functionality and free cloud hosting with no limitations on the number, types of devices.
  • Teams can collaborate and self-manage in a safe way.
  • Easy onboarding and provisioning.


If you are going to work with different clients from all over the world, you need to be able to make or receive multi-currency payments. Wise is an online account that allows you to send money, receive payments and spend money internationally, but why choose this App for your business?

  • Get paid faster. 50% of payments are instantaneous or arrive within an hour.
  • Faster transaction and possibility to make mass payments (up to 1000 people with just one click)
  • You can move money between currencies in seconds, always at the real exchange rate and without high conversion fees.
  • Save on conversion fees for foreign currency costs.


The pandemic made it necessary for many workers to work from home, making the ‘zoom’ application a favourite. The application allows unlimited face-to-face meetings and video conferences of up to 40 minutes with more than 100 participants.

It is one of the leaders in the market as it guarantees that distance is not a problem for activities or projects.

For example, we use this app to improve our English, because every Friday we have a video call lesson with our teacher and it’s as easy as having her in our office!


Slack is basically a messaging app designed for teams and workplaces that can be used across multiple devices and platforms, that allow you to not only chat one-on-one with associates but also in groups.

Some of its features include a chat history, which allows you to organise your conversations by channels (so you don’t lose or mix up information), a voice or video call option, compatibility with other apps such as Zoom, Google Drive or Trello, and a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Although we now use google chat, we can’t forget that some clients use this app and we use it to communicate with some marketing teams.


If you think it is very important to have enough storage to keep your files safe and to be able to access them from anywhere at any time of the day you want, Dropbox can be your trusted app.

On the other hand, it allows you to share these files with your workgroup through a link, which is easier than downloading and uploading them.


Another app that can help you manage, organise and prioritise your daily tasks is Trello. You just have to list all the tasks that make up a project and place them in three columns according to their status: To do, doing, and done.

Some advantages are:

  • Allows you to observe the status of each task and thus focus efforts and know how the project is going.
  • Increases team productivity.
  • Depending on the availability of resources, it is possible to assign pending tasks to more than one person so that they can be carried out in optimal execution times.
  • It has keyboard shortcuts such as shortcuts to filter by tags, search boards, set assignments…
  • Keeps the whole process organised.

Momentum Dash

Have you ever wondered how long it takes you to do a task? Are you wasting time and not making enough progress at work? With Momentum Dash you can find out.

It is an app that helps you prioritise projects in your to-do list, making you give more importance and concentration to your tasks as you can temporise how much time you have invested in them. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!


In conclusion, working remotely is like being in a long-distance relationship. At first, it may seem easy but as time goes on you have to maintain good communication and know-how to work out the bumps in the road if you want it to work.

Now that you know how we make it work, don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to implement some of our tools in your business, and thank you for reading us!


Hi, I’m Andrzej, the CEO of Brave New. We've delivered more than 300 projects for 120 satisfied customers from all around world. This year we plan to deliver 50 projects for more than 20 clients.

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