For the Photos From The Jar exhibition, we have created an interactive exhibition with a search engine for people in photos.

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As part of cooperation with the Galicia Jewish Museum, we have created an online photo exhibition with the possibility of searching for people in the photos. Thanks to this, the Galicia Museum received a tool to support the promotion of the exhibition on the web.

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The most important facts and figures:

  • The main idea of the project was to create an interactive exhibition that, thanks to being online, would be available to a wider audience, interested in the history of the Ores family and their relationship to Poland.
  • 110

    photos available in the gallery

  • 70

    people tagged in the photos

The Client about the project

We sources a number of offers, and the one send by the Brave New was the best, both in terms of the quality of the previous work, as well as the solutions proposed. And also, financially the offer was comparable with the other we received.

There was a Project Manager assigned to the project who was responsible for the contact. We received regular updates related to the pace of work. Our comments and corrections submitted to the project were implemented very quickly, which allowed for shortening the project implementation time. We received tips and information on website management, as well as video training.

Their responsiveness to our needs was excellent, as well as flexibility, and professionalism

Jakub Nowakowski

Director, Galicia Jewish Museum

What was the biggest challenge in the project?

"Sweet Home Sweet: A Tale of Salvation, Memory and Returns" is an exhibition devoted to the three generations of the Ores family and their relationship to Poland. It allows you to dive into the issues of passing the memory and narrative about the Holocaust from generation to generation and shows what relations with Poland the children and grandchildren of the survivors have. The online photo gallery was supposed not only to present photos online, but also to help families find their relatives in the photos and learn about their history.

What was important to us?

  • Online gallery

    The main element of the website is a gallery with 110 photos presenting the history of the Ores family. Users can view photos and descriptions on both desktop and mobile devices

  • Search engine for people in photos

    The photo gallery is equipped with a search engine for people in photos that works on the filtering principle. The user has the option to mark selected names from the list to view only photos with selected people.

  • Contact form

    As part of the work on the website, we have prepared a subpage with a contact form that allows you to send video material. Thanks to this, people related to the family history and

  • Subpage with films about Poland

    For the presentation of video materials sent via the form, we have prepared a

    subpage for uploading films. Thanks to this, the collected materials complement the history and memories presented in the photos of the exhibition "Photos From The Jar".

The design of the website was of great importance which is why each of the main subpages has been designed individually.

What was the work on the project like?

After getting acquainted with the genesis of the exhibition and the story of the author of the photos, we prepared functional mock-ups showing the layout of the content on both desktop and mobile devices. After approving the website structure, we started to create a graphic design, taking into account the style of other promotional materials and the unique nature of the photos. During coding, we uploaded all the photos to the website and prepared the signatures of the people in the photos.

After the website design was completed, the online photo gallery was launched together with a permanent exhibition presented on a daily basis at the Galicia Jewish Museum. Thanks to the commitment of the entire team and efficient communication with the creators of the exhibition, the memories and stories captured in the photos are now available to users from all over the world.

Scope of work

  • UX / UI and Webdesign
  • Website coding to Wordpress CMS
  • Migration of content
  • Technical support after the launch of the website

Project team

  • Katarzyna Maj

    Project Manager

  • Emil Kurzaj


  • Maciej Warych

    Web Developer


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