How do we work remotely?

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We know how big a challenge working from home can be. We have been working like this for several years and only for 1.5 years we are permanently working (well, have been working) from the office. But even then, we did #homeoffice a lot. Thanks to this, we have developed several rules that help us work effectively. What are the rules?

Make sure to arrange a workspace

Work at a desk or table – a sofa or bed is not the right place now, you will fall asleep instead of doing this super important thing which you get paid for. Make a supply of coffee, tea, lemon water and prepare snacks like fruit, cake, sandwiches before work.

Before the announcement of remote work, we have also delivered the monitors to our colleagues that they use in the office, so the working conditions can be practically followed 1: 1.

Work remotely

‘Get into’ work

Just as a bed is not a good place for work, pyjamas are not a good work outfit. Dress up, brush your hair, put on makeup if it helps. Find a routine that will make you physically and mentally enter this job – put on headphones or plug in a monitor. If possible, work in a different room than the person with whom you spend the most time right now.

Make a specific to-do list

Write down every task that you need to complete during your working day – without a to-do list, completing tasks is much more difficult. Additionally, specify the time when the task is to be completed and make sure to stick to it.

Work remotely

Start the day with a challenge

Start your day with a task that is a challenge for you – something that is important, difficult or something that for any reason you really don’t want to start doing. It’s usually hard to get started, but then the work moves on and we can see the results. And when we finish this difficult thing, we are more likely to take on easier tasks later.

Limit browsing through world news

It is exceptionally important now – do not browse world news in the morning. The amount of negative information in the media makes it harder to focus on work later. Leave the information for the afternoon and browse the news sites until the afternoon coffee ☕

How about you? What are your ways of good remote work? Share them with us ✌


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