How to build trust with your website?

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Looking at the meanings of trust ‘showing or tending to have a belief in a person's honesty or sincerity; not suspicious’ and hope ‘a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.’ we can see that this is exactly what a customer feels when he/she is introduced to a website.

I don’t believe anyone likes to feel cheated in any aspect of life, but when it comes to dealing with a customer that is not face-to-face, as it is online, trust is the basis for securing their purchase, on the other hand to making them write a good review of you or even to make you stand out from the competition. For example, 80% of consumers say they would only download an app from a company they know and trust, and 72% are concerned about apps monitoring their movements.

That’s why we want to show you what your company should avoid, and what you should do to earn the trust you promise your customers. But remember; don’t make promises you can’t keep.

What to avoid?

With so many scams circulating on the web, a poorly designed website can make it look like you can’t be trusted or are running a scam. That’s why 75% of website credibility comes from design.

  • Don’t overload your website with advertising, flashy ads, or pop-ups that interrupt navigation, as this can cause you to lose credibility. So Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t know what it is? We explain it to you in our blog ‘the best features for your website’. The elements consumers appreciate the most in website design are photos and images (40%), color (39%), and videos (21%).

  • Don’t allow spelling, navigation, or design errors. It will not be beneficial to gain trust. 89% of consumers buy from a competitor after a bad user experience. You need to be concerned about maintaining the positivity of the experience as users continue to browse your site. If potential customers see that they can’t find information easily, they may not stay.
  • Don’t be a ghost. Show your email, company number, office location… Because no one would believe someone anonymous.

What you should do?

  • Reviews. The words, opinions, and actions of others are one of the greatest sources of trust, they are looking for support and believe in what other customers tell them even without knowing them. Also, 44% of shoppers tell their friends about negative online experiences, so you should teach as many positive reviews as you can.
  • Links to social media and links to Google where there are much more reviews. Among the top reasons marketers use social media in their companies are increased traffic, lead generation, and customer loyalty. Take care of where and how you appear in Google searches and your position among the first results and the comments they make about your company, social networks are also very useful, sharing the day-to-day life of the company through photos and videos of the team and office. Show when new people come in and display private and public events or activities.

  • Case Studies. Testimonials make potential customers 58% more likely to make a purchase, so by seeing examples of other projects and seeing that you can provide solutions to their needs, and having the content you create, your users will know that they can trust your website.
  • About Us Section. Your audience’s first impression can have a lasting impact on how they perceive your business and in this section, you can take the opportunity to show them who you are, who is responsible for making the project succeed, and above all to show them what your values are and why they should trust you.
  • Original photos. It is very easy to search, download and add photos from Google to your website, but do you really think your customers want to see photos without quality or with people who are not part of the team? Pages with original photos see almost 35% higher conversion rates than pages with stock photos and that’s why we encourage you to take your own photos and add personality and creativity! We are sure that it will generate much more trust than not with pictures of strangers on the internet.

In conclusion, you have to give importance to the value you have as a company and know how to show it in the best possible way! Add these elements to your website and see for yourself whether your customers trust you or not… We are sure they will!


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