How do we work with agencies from Great Britain in the White Label model?

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When you run an agency, and problems arise along the way, such as lack of time, lack of skills, or even lack of employees, you always have to find a solution so that you can overcome them... Do you want to know how we do it? With the white label system.

We know it’s easy to say, but we also know that it can be easy to solve it and benefit from it, how? Here’s an example: You run a marketing agency. You have a team of specialists: web designers, marketers, and conversion specialists. You have a small team of developers with too much work to do, so you don’t have time to hire more team members and, on top of that, keep other developer costs…

In this situation, hiring a software house or agency to work for you on a white-label model is a great solution.

What is it about?

White-labelling is a system of cooperation in which a subcontractor performs a number of tasks under your brand. Example: If you are a website optimisation agency and do not have your own development team, you can outsource that work to an external software house. The software house will perform the service and the accolades for the project will fall on you and your brand.

At Brave New, we have been successfully working on this model with our clients for several years. Today I want to tell you what this cooperation looks like and what benefits it brings to marketing agencies.

How would you benefit from working in this way?

We have prepared an example that combines two successful collaborations with UK agencies. We can work with you in a similar way:

XYZ Agency is a marketing agency based in Southampton. The company designs websites and advises clients on how to build them to attract customers, it also analyses existing websites and, based on the results of research, suggests changes that should be made to increase conversions.


The XYZ agency serves 10 clients and has calculated that it needs a programmer to spend about 25 hours on programming work on 4 clients’ websites in January. In February, the number of hours will also be about 20, but in March it could be about 15 hours on 2 websites.

The agency’s management decided that it was not worth hiring a programmer. And that’s where we came in; they contacted us to request regular support on the white label model, where together we established that XYZ agency needs monthly support:

  • For the websites of 4-5 clients
  • 20 hours of programming work
  • Over a period of at least 7 months


  • XYZ can decide how to use the available hours – all hours can be allocated to a project or only 4 projects can be active in a given month.
  • If XYZ does not use all available hours, a maximum of 3 unused hours are carried over to the next month.
  • If XYZ wishes to subcontract additional work, more than 20 hours, it must be submitted at least 5 days in advance.

Communication and reporting:

Organisation to keep your business running smoothly will be the basis of your success, and if you have to manage 4-5 small projects, it can be a challenge. Therefore, a project manager has been assigned to cooperate with the XYZ agency, who organises the work of the developers on our side, delegates tasks, and sends information about the estimated time of work and the hours spent.

Communication is essential in any kind of company, so it is carried out via Slack, and tasks are transferred via our Click Up application, which is accessible to the XYZ employees who commission the tasks, thus facilitating the development of their goals. And thanks to the cooperation via Slack, we can shorten the reaction time and respond quickly to the commissioned tasks. In turn, the weekly reports, regardless of the number of hours used, help both parties to monitor the scope and progress of the work on an ongoing basis.


Ola, the project manager, explains our experience!

During the collaboration with us, the agency XYZ won a client for whom they designed a shop with the possibility to buy tickets online. This was a large project, which we estimated to take around 250 hours to complete. We agreed that we would also carry out this project together in the white label model and it was carried out separately, as an independent cooperation element, but with the same project manager on our site. The subscription developer team took care of 4 pages the whole time, while another developer coded the shop website.

The result and the purpose

XYZ Agency solved the problems related to the lack of developers. Taking advantage of the cooperation, XYZ has an external team of hourly developers and specialists who quickly help in any situation. They can sell more projects and services and are sure to have a reliable partner.

Therefore, XYZ agency does not have to recommend the services of external agencies but executes the project in its entirety, which affects both the comfort of work and the project budget.

In short, white-label solutions have helped us to work successfully with our customers for many years.

Thank you for reading us, and do not hesitate to contact us if you still have any doubts!


Hi, I’m Andrzej, the CEO of Brave New. We've delivered more than 300 projects for 120 satisfied customers from all around world. This year we plan to deliver 50 projects for more than 20 clients.

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