SMM Legal


The main assumption of the project was to create a functional platform that will improve the contact of regular clients with the employees of the law firm.

Main assumptions and beginning of the project

The Law Firm came to us with an idea of creating a subscription platform and a list of basic functionalities that should be available to the user. Based on the presented guidelines, we created a detailed project specification and then, together with the team of the law firm, we prepared mock-ups on which we planned the content architecture.


SMM Legal is one of the largest law firms in Poland. SMM Legal specialists combine experience and vast legal knowledge with dynamism and high quality services.

SMM Legal is a new generation law firm that provides services to its clients through modern channels. We had the pleasure of working with our partner on such types of services as: / It is a service panel created for clients who have purchased subscription service from the law firm.

What was the work on the project like?

After reviewing the site guidelines and mockups, we prepared a graphic design that used the characteristic colour which is the brand's distinctive feature. We put emphasis on the greatest possible functionality and availability of options – that is why we decided to implement the menu located on the left side of the window. Thanks to this, the place is very well developed.

When we got the approval of the graphic designs, we started programming work. It was very important for us not only to obtain the appropriate optimization of the site, but above all to ensure security and a sense of privacy, which is very important in the lawyer-client relationship. The solutions we used have allowed us to secure the system and sent forms.

The website has been supplemented with the provided content, and the administrative background has been prepared in such a way that the administrator has full control over the user account, where they can make changes to the used hours and duration of the subscription.

SMMLegal24 service is an example of a customized use of WordPress. The user panel created by us allows us to build close relationships with customers and manage the services they have ordered.

Project team

  • Andrzej Kozdęba

    Project Manager

  • Michał Maj


  • Damian Kasprzyk

    Web Developer

Scope of work

  • Webdesign
  • Webdevelopment
  • Calendar encoding
  • Encoding of administrator rights
  • Integration of video tools