Mikolaj Maslinski

Social needs lawyer

The main objective of the project was to create a platform where entrepreneurs can find legal advice and products tailored to their current needs.

Main assumptions and beginning of the project

We wanted to create a professional service that would present Mikołaj as an expert, but also a friend to whom you can turn to for advice. In this regard, tips from the Blend PR agency and Magdalena Gajek, who is responsible for media communication of Mikołaj Maśliński, have been helpful. The provided texts, visual identification guidelines and, above all, professional photographs allowed us to get down to work efficiently.


Mikołaj Maśliński is a social needs lawyer. Mikołaj helps small and medium-sized enterprises solve problems, especially in the field of business, telemedicine and environmental protection.

Mikołaj came to us with the idea of creating a platform: a blog combined with a shop, a course platform and a landing page wizard that would support the sale of educational products.

Project in numbers:

  • 95/100

    points in Google mobile tests at the time the site was delivered

  • 98/100

    in Google desktop tests at the time the page was delivered

  • +1500

    website visits in the first week of operation

What was the work on the project like?

After receiving texts and guidelines related to the colour of the page, we prepared functional mock-ups on which we presented the architecture of the content of the main page. Because the other subpages of this project are relatively short, we immediately went to the design phase. After the approval of the homepage design we worked on subpages. Later in the work, when we started coding the project, an additional landing page project was prepared, designed to be the basis for the landing page creator.

When the website project was completed, we started to integrate with the exchange rate platform, marketing tools and fast payment gateway. Thanks to the commitment of the whole team, Mikołaj received a functional and transparent project, which became his online command center.

Project team:

  • Andrzej Kozdęba

    Project manager

  • Maciej Rumiński

    WordPress developer

  • Patrycja Michno


Scope of work:

  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Store configuration
  • Creating a Landing Page Wizard
  • Adding content
  • Technical support after the service has started