KLM – Dream trip

Travel adventures

Our task was to create a contest web page which would contain the rules of the contest, blogger entries from travel, promotion video, and above all – application form.

The main challenge was to design a fairly extensive, user-friendly application form that will encourage you to send your application. Many people give up participation in a competition if they see complicated fields and don’t know how to fill them – we wanted to avoid that. As a result, we’ve created graphically attractive website which collected over 800 applications for the competition!


Podróże Marzeń KLM „KLM Dream trip” is an action organized by the Bloceania web developers. Bloggers, in cooperation with KLM airlines, organized a competition in which an airline ticket to anywhere in the world could be won.

In addition to preparing the website and application form, we also provided technical support. We guaranteed full reliability throughout the entire competition!