Klaudyna Hebda

Health and good emotions

The main aim of the project was to create a design that would present Klaudyna Hebda
as an expert. Many years of experience, a huge amount of valuable content and
interesting podcasts required an aesthetic graphic form.

Main assumptions and beginning of the project

The most important principle that we followed from the very beginning was to create a clear, orderly design that arouses joy and satisfaction among the recipients.

The ideas and proposals of the blog’s author constituted very valuable suggestions at all stages of work. Klaudyna Hebda’s website is one of the most popular blogs about aromatherapy, herbs, cosmetics and living in accordance to nature. The blog was supposed to reflect the enormous knowledge and work that is put into creating materials in this field. The blog is also a kind of a back office and a place where we can learn more about all products of natural origin.


Klaudyna Hebda’s blog is a place where you will feel inner peace and learn a lot about yourself, your health and nature.

The cooperation with Klaudyna Hebda consisted in the creation of a new design for the blog, the subject of which is herbal medicine, health and home cosmetics. Our task was to create a new look that would organize all the information on the site, so that interesting entries and podcasts would be presented in a natural harmony.

Klaudyna Hebda’s blog before and after work

The example of Klaudyna Hebda shows how the blogosphere has changed over the years. In the past, blogs were seen as teenage diaries. Today, these are often large businesses based on experience and authority gained over the years. We would love for the Internet to change in this direction. That it would be a place for valuable content that helps people.

What was the work on the project like?

While working on the graphic design we were in constant contact with the author of the blog. After each series of consecutive graphic designs, we arranged an on-line meeting, during which we talked about our comments and ideas on an ongoing basis. In this way, we avoided unnecessary exchanges of messages, and we gained speed and clear communication.

Firstly: we encountered three challenges during coding. First of all, the graphic design consisted of several views of subpages. Coding them all required a lot of time, but also good organization of the project.

Secondly: the challenge was the large amount of content created by Klaudyna. She has been blogging for more than 10 years and has created hundreds of valuable posts and entries during this time. It was not possible to correct every article manually. We had to design and implement the service so that the articles collected so far fit well with the
new version of the service.

Thirdly: migration. Klaudyna’s blog is watched by tens of thousands of people. We couldn’t even afford a temporary breakdown. When changing the appearance, we maintained the continuity of the website.

Visit Klaudyna’s website and find out that living according to nature can bring much good for us.

Project team:

  • Michał Maj

    Project manager Webdesigner

  • Damian Kasprzyk


Scope of work:

  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Migration of content
  • Technical support after launch of the website