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The main goal of the project was to create a website that would match the brand identity and serve as a database of information about the company's activities for potential customers.

Main assumptions and beginning of the project

Flowparks is a company that has a wide range of sports equipment and has completed many projects in Poland and abroad. The owners of Flowparks have asked us to create a project that would involve rebuilding the website in terms of its operation and creating a new graphic design that would present the brand in a modern and dynamic way.

The website was to be created in two language versions and the individual items (e.g. “Products”) in different languages were to be linked with one another. Flowparks offer was to be divided into categories (“Street Workout”,”Parkour”,”Lirax”and “Mobile Devices”) so that the user could see each of the more than 200 projects made in 9 European countries.


Flowparks is a company that designs and manufactures high quality sports equipment. Parkour, street workout and the flow of the entire team are ways to promote physical activity, support players and sports events.

The project for Flowparks consisted in creating a website presenting the activity, completed projects and wide range of the brand. In addition to the dynamic graphic design, it was important to create a system accessible to people managing the website, which was supposed to enable quick adding of information on completed orders.

We wanted to create a dynamic service that would be linked to the brand image. That’s why we used different shapes and curve lines in the subpage design.

See the project before and after work:

What was the work on the project like?

We have started our work by establishing details of the changes that should be made to the site and the functions that administrators and users can use. While creating the project, we were inspired by the Flowparks brand and the equipment they produce. The programming work consisted of creating functionalities that were planned at the stage of creating a graphic design and adapting the website to mobile devices. The filtering system using two variables is particularly noteworthy here.

We finished the project by implementing the content to the website: adding information about the equipment to the subpages with the offer and all FlowParks' realizations. It was also at this stage that the English version of the website was created. The project was then optimized so that the pages load quickly.

Project team:

  • Michał Maj

    Project manager

  • Damian Kasprzyk

    WordPress Developer

  • Katarzyna Maj

    Migration of content

Scope of work:

  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Adding content
  • Technical support after the service has started