Fitness in One

Street workout

The main objective of the project was to provide a fast, responsive website aimed at public administration on the one hand and athletes interested in the competition on the other.

Main assumptions and beginning of the project

In the first phase of the project we defined the direction and architecture of information. The previous page of the company wasn’t that bad, so we consulted with Mr. Rafał which elements should be kept in some form in the new implementation. We have also established the most important elements that should be presented on the home page and in the service menu.


Fitness in One is a Polish manufacturer of sports equipment. The company specializes in providing modern and complex parks for street workout, outdoor gyms and OCR obstacle courses.

Mr. Rafał, owner of Fitness in One, came to us with a poorly optimized and heavy website built on a ready-made WordPress theme. Our task was to create a new, fast and functional service that would enable attractive presentation of products.

See Fitness in one before and after work:

Fitness in One is characterized by a dynamic design that fully reflects the nature of the business.

What was the work on the project like?

The home page of the website is distinguished by its dynamic but also transparent design. The project has been prepared for various target groups to which the company’s offer is directed. The product categories are marked with a clear font and placed on a white background, so that they are appropriately highlighted. After the acceptance of the graphic design, we started programming work. Efficient contact with Mr. Rafał allowed us to quickly encode the home page and subpages, and then optimize the website.

During the programming work there were also slight modifications in the graphic layer. This is a result of the arrangements with Mr. Rafał and ideas of Maciej, who was responsible for programming the site. After we have carried out all of them we prepared instructional videos, in which we explained step by step how the website works. This makes site administration instructions available to the entire company team.

Project team:

  • Andrzej Kozdęba

    Project manager

  • Emil Kurzaj


  • Maciej Rumiński

    WordPress developer

Scope of work:

  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Adding content
  • Technical support after the service has started