Almond Catering

Delicious food

The main assumption of the project was to create a website and promotional materials that will present the company’s offer and attract new customers thanks to its original design.

Main objectives of the project

From the beginning we knew that new projects must not only be modern and unique, but above all they should reflect the company’s values such as: healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and ecology.

When we became acquainted with the company’s activity, we prepared a proposal for the layout of the website, which would be functional and present the most important information in a clear way. We have taken into account a wide range of catering offer, but also such sections as employer branding or the portfolio of events in which Almond Catering was responsible for the catering part.

Photos and texts are intertwined with a graphic representation of almond twigs and an eco paper theme. The colour used on the website is turquoise – it refers to the colour scheme from van Gogh’s painting. This principle is also used in other graphic elements: a set of icons or graphics for Facebook account.


Almond Catering is a website where you can find a wide range of catering, order delicious food and learn a lot about a healthy lifestyle.

As part of our cooperation with Almond Catering, we prepared a visual identity project, which included: business cards, letterhead, logo and a set of graphics for Facebook. The next task was to create a website.

How did the work go?

The first stage of work was to create a logo and other promotional materials. Selected graphic elements were used during the design of the website to maintain the consistency of all visual elements.

After creating the structure of the website and accepting the graphic design, we proceeded to coding. We have launched all functionalities and supplemented the website with the content provided. The photographs provided by the owners of the Almond Catering brand, which emphasize its professionalism and present the dishes prepared with the greatest culinary care, turned out to be helpful in the final work on the realization.

Project team:

  • Michał Maj

    Project manager

  • Robert Orliński

    WordPress Developer

  • Magdalena Zębala

    Visual identity

  • Katarzyna Maj

    Migration of content

Scope of work:

  • Visual identity
  • Webdesign
  • Website coding
  • Migration of content
  • Technical support after launch of the websit