How we created a website with a character for one of the most effective digital marketing agencies in Poland

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Artur Jabłoński is the owner of the Digitalk brand - one of the most effective digital marketing agencies in Poland. Artur has a very strong personal brand. He is a marketing specialist and the author of many best-selling books and training courses. However, the agency's website itself was already outdated and did not present the company in the right way. So change was inevitable.

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The most important facts and figures:

  • Unusual design. An important consideration was that the site should have an original design. It was inspired by the works of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. The final design is the result of a lot of trying and working with the shapes we saw in the works of the famous abstract artist.
  • A site based on the Gutenberg system. Each section of the page is a separate block, so administrators can create any sub-pages from ready-made components. It provides great possibilities when creating offers or sales pages.
  • A sales-effective site. We spent many hours meeting with Artur and the Digitalk team to refine the initial mockups. We used many elements that build trust with visitors. Placement of customer statements, logos of well-known brands, opinions of agency employees – nothing is accidental here, and the main goal is to build trust and encourage contact by potential customers.
  • Structured content. The previous version of the site already had a large number of articles and case studies. Moving them properly was very important, due to maintaining search engine rankings. Valuable content is also the foundation of Digitalk effectiveness. We have transferred and organised in the right way more than 25 case studies and 14 long expert articles.

    What was the challenge we faced?

    The biggest challenge we faced was proper design. Artur Jabloński had specific requirements when it came to the look of the site. We spent a lot of time together analysing paintings, ceramics, and other artwork that would serve as inspiration for the project.

    The main source of ideas turned out to be the paintings of the Russian painter - Wassily Kandinsky. He was a representative and one of the co-creators of abstractionism. His paintings are often non-standard shapes and figures. We wanted to use these ideas in designing the new site.

    Design, however, must also be useful. It was important that the created projects could be duplicated on subsequent subpages and that the administrator could make full use of individual elements. So the site was based on the Gutenberg system, which allows you to create more subpages from ready, pre-made blocks. This is a great tool for site owners because it allows them to create any subpages they want.

    What was important to us?

    • A sales-effective website

      We spent a lot of time on analysis and mock-ups. We have included a large number of elements on the site that would build trust. Customer testimonials, big brand logos, employee reviews, proper emphasis on the most important things from the customer's point of view, effective call to action at the end of every subpage - nothing is accidental here, and the main goal is to build trust and encourage contact by potential customers.

    • Modern and unusual design

      Design inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky. Unusual shapes, figures, and a specific content layout that is unlike any other site.

    • Convenient content editing panel based on the Gutenberg system

      The website is 100% editable via WordPress CMS panel. The administrator can use Gutenberg blocks to create subpages with any functionality.

    • Emphasis on mobile devices

      We are aware that most users use the mobile version, which is why it was a priority for us from the very beginning.

    The design of the website was of great importance which is why each of the main subpages has been designed individually

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    How was the work going?

    Working for Digitalk was our next project for a company in the internet marketing industry. Having worked with similar clients before, and having worked through the problems of creating our own website, we knew which elements to use to make the site effective and which mistakes to avoid.

    We used the knowledge and experience gained in other projects while creating the Digitalk website. The knowledge of our client, Artur Jabloński, was also a huge advantage. We spent many hours in meetings where we discussed mock-ups and thought about the different sections. Many times we had to change the concept and start from scratch, but it was worth it because the effectiveness of the website was the most important thing for us.

    Digitalk website is a valuable experience for us and an example of how to combine an unusual design with a convenient content management panel.

    Scope of work

    • UX / UI design
    • Web development

    • Adding content
    • Technical support after launching the website

    Project team

    • Michał Maj

      Project Manager

    • Emil Kurzaj

      UX / UI Designer

    • Maciej Rumiński

      Web Developer


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